Breaking Barriers, Blossoming Confidence: Esther's Journey so far at the Orchard

Meet Esther, a resilient young individual who embarked on a life-changing journey with Newquay Orchard on the COMPASS programme.

Before joining the project, Esther faced numerous challenges that left her feeling lost and isolated. The lack of structure in her life blurred her days and hindered her ability to connect with others. Overwhelmed by worry, she found it difficult to open up, leading to a pessimistic outlook and deep loneliness and isolation.

With the right support and the nurturing environment of the Orchard, Esther found her voice and her journey has been remarkable.  She has engaged in various workshops, events, and community activities including art workshops and the anxiety workshop.  With the support and guidance of her dedicated Change Coach, her communication skills have blossomed and most importantly, Ester’s overall well-being and self-esteem underwent a profound transformation – she is now ready to embrace new opportunities.

“That small conversation was so meaningful at that point in life and when I arrived at the wonderful space, it felt relieving.” Esther

COMPASS project could help you take positive steps towards employment, education, or training.

If you are:

  • Not in employment, education, or training
  • 15- 24 years old
  • Live in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly

Call CSW-COMPASS Project on 0800 97 55 111, or visit