Alyshia says BRING IT ON!

Alyshia felt lost after finishing an apprenticeship; unemployed, her confidence was knocked. With Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change, she got the support she needed on the COMPASS project.

This included CV writing, job applications, practicing interview skills, confidence building, including going with her COMPASS Support Worker to the gym for well-being.  Alyshia found the thought of going alone daunting but is now a little addicted and takes part in fund raisers and all sorts!

She has now been successful in securing a full-time job as an IT Engineer within the NHS, based at Truro Hospital. Alyshia now also volunteers at CN4C on the JUST BE; young peoples mental well being project which she is enjoying.

Alyshia said, ’Before the support of Compass, I was feeling stuck in a rut. I had finished my apprenticeship and as there was no room within the team, I found myself back being unemployed. This really knocked my confidence and I struggled with navigating CV writing and long job application processes. I was so nervous about doing interviews that I found myself once in them as being lost for words.

Since starting with COMPASS, I have had support with writing a CV, job applications and practicing my interview skills.

This has led to me successfully securing a full-time job as an IT engineer within the NHS- based at Truro hospital and I am loving it!

When I first started the job, I felt very nervous, Lowena (my compass worker) kept supporting me to feel more confident and reassured me when I felt anxious.

Together me and my compass worker attended the gym for well-being and to grow my self-belief, this is something I have always struggled with, but wanted to do! The thought of walking in a gym alone used to feel impossible, but now I am addicted and go nearly every day, taking part in fund raisers and all sorts!

In October I completed the Kernow Killer- an intense obstacle and fitness course!

The difference in my outlook on life, my professional skills knowledge and my self-confidence and self-esteem is massive.

After two months of being in the job role I feel very capable, and my colleagues can see my level of confidence has increased significantly.

I also volunteer at CN4C on the JUST BE; young peoples mental well-being project, which I am really enjoying. I am about to undertake my mental health training and am excited about further opportunities.

Before I looked at the future and felt nervous and now, I say BRING IT ON!’’

Alyshia’s journey is incredible! We are very proud of her.

We can support you with your next steps on the COMPASS project;

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