Some advice for parents and carers about what CSW Group can offer

An increasing number of parents are opting to teach their children at home. Sometimes this is a conscious decision on behalf of the parent however in a significant number of situations this is a decision made by parents in consultation with the last school that their son or daughter attended. Some parents have experience and expertise in tutoring at home however for many, the prospect of taking on this home tutoring challenge is a daunting one.

For any young person in their final year of compulsory schooling, the question of what to do next can be equally confusing with a range of different options being available. For many 16 year old home educated students who don’t have access to advice and guidance at school, thinking through decisions about the future can be much more difficult however there is external support available to help them navigate through the range of opportunities.

CSW Group have qualified careers advisers who can provide advice and guidance to young people who are home educated in their final year of compulsory education (Year 11) to support them to access post 16 education and training after they have completed Year 11.

A small proportion of parents continue to home educate their son/daughter beyond the age of 16 however many wish for them to re enter mainstream education or training. A CSW Careers Adviser can help a student to choose an option that may be of interest to them and suit their attainment/abilities. From experience, parents need to be fully involved in these decisions as they are crucial in supporting their child to not only make the right decisions but to also help them to become involved with any new future learning.

Understandably some students and their parents are concerned about how they will cope with making a fresh start in further education having often had difficulties with attending and succeeding at school in the past. The CSW adviser can help to point the young person towards individual staff at a college or other learning provider who may be able to provide personal and learning support in the future. This can be vital to ensure that the student can attend regularly and eventually be successful in their new place of learning.

The student may also be concerned about what options are available to them particularly if they have not been able to complete GCSEs or other exams during Year 11. Many previously home educated students have successfully entered further education colleges, vocational training courses and gone on to apprenticeships in the same way as those who completed education at school. Many colleges and training providers can offer Maths and English qualifications that can enable learners who have missed time in education to gain these key skills that are valuable for work and adult life. Colleges can offer a wide variety of courses that can cater for the individual interests, abilities and aptitudes of the student. They can often advise on a suitable course of learning for the student that can be a starting point for future progression in learning and work.

The CSW adviser can also provide information on open days and course taster days that are often provided by local colleges that enable an individual to visit a college or try out a course before they apply.

If you are a parent or carer of a young person who is home educated and currently in their final year of compulsory education, please contact CSW Group for any advice that you require about post 16 education and training.