Written by Sue Hunter, CSW Volunteers Manager & Business Development (Community Services) 


This is a question (or some would say a statement) that I have heard many times, there is no short answer or one that “fits all”.  The simple answer is it depends on you as an individual, your circumstances, and your aims and goals.

There are some common threads but we all get something different out of being a volunteer.  Volunteering can for example:

  • Improve your CV and be a positive activity to include on job applications
  • Help you gain skills and experience towards your career goals
  • Use your existing skills, experience and knowledge
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve your “employability”
  • Use your life skills and experiences to benefit others
  • Give you “a break” from your everyday life – some volunteers choose to do something totally different from the career they are employed in.
  • Worthwhile way to use some of your free time
  • The buzz you get from the FEELGOOD factor of helping others
  • It has even been proved that volunteering can improve your physical and mental health.

CSW Volunteers is the volunteering “arm” of CSW Group. Since 2008 we have been recruiting and placing people into exciting and essential volunteering opportunities that support a broad range of our services. We are proud to have achieved Investors in Volunteering (IiV) accreditation for 2nd time in May 2018.

CSW Group offer volunteering in a supportive and flexible environment. We give you access to a wide range of training opportunities which will help support the volunteering role you choose.  Volunteers are linked to a member of staff within the relevant team who gives them ongoing support, supervision and acts as their mentor. Check out Do-It.website or see our volunteer role descriptions below:

Positive Living Volunteer

Young People Engagement Volunteer

Young People Engagement Digital Skills 1-1 Volunteer

Young People Engagement Digital Skills Group Volunteer


Amy has joined the volunteer team in Hampshire supporting our Intensive Family Support Service.  She has a young family and personal experience of supporting a child with SEN and a wealth of skills and experience and both gained through life circumstances.  Amy is linked with 2 families and supporting them to develop parenting skills including learning how to play with their children and giving each child individual attention.  Amy is volunteering to improve her progression towards her career goals – as a Family Support Worker or similar.


Your life skills, experience and motivation can make a difference to another individual.

One thing we guarantee is you’ll meet new people and make new friends. We can open up a world of new experiences through short term and longer term options.

Contact us volunteers@cswgroup.co.uk or give me a ring: Sue Hunter 07818075042