September Guarantee, which requires local authorities to find education and training places for 16 and 17-year-olds.

Whilst many people are starting to think of impending holidays at home or abroad, CSW staff linked to schools are continuing their support for vulnerable students in keeping with the ambition of enabling all young people to be in Education, Employment or Training.

The targeting of year 11 and year 12 students who do not have a clear pathway for their future after this term (summer), is the focus of CSW activity.

Using the developed networks of education links with pastoral leads and staff across the Plymouth area, CSW Career Development Consultants are identifying the final few students who have not yet secured an offer of education, employment or training. The expected target is that all students will have a confident expectation of continuing with a future they want, CSW help support this using their skilled workforce to allow young people to access courses and opportunities that will be of benefit to them.

Not all students in year 12 want to or are able to continue onto year 13 in their current establishment. Once a young person is identified, appropriate support can be offered – telephone, face to face or online to help them become aware of their options. CSW staff attend events throughout the year and maintain their links and knowledge of opportunities. At this time of year, those networks are a vital source of fresh hope and ideas for these students and CSW staff are at the forefront of delivering this – even as you check your suntan supplies….