Over the last 25 years, people-facing public services have become increasingly bureaucratic, hard to access, and removed from the people and communities they are designed to serve.  This has contributed to poor outcomes and spiralling costs as service users continue to develop more acute needs that could have been prevented.  With conditions in many of our communities deteriorating, and demand for services mounting there is a need for fundamental improvement.

Solving this requires more human, user-focused services that are better able to deliver end outcomes.  At CSW we believe that organisations working together in partnership, including the voluntary and community sector can help drive this improvement with preventative and personalised interventions along with vibrancy, innovation, relationships, social purpose, volunteers and access to communities.  It is equally vital that this is done in collaboration with commissioners for services designed around achieving outcomes.

If you are an experienced manager with a successful track record of fostering relationships with partner organisations, increasing social capital and building community capacity by designing new services, CSW would love to talk to you about joining our team.

Please find a link to our latest Impact report here.

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