Not everyone is looking for a paying job. Perhaps you’re looking to keep yourself busy. Maybe you want to share your experience and abilities with others or make another equally valuable contribution to the local economy or community. Volunteering could be the thing you’re looking for. There are plenty of local opportunities to get involved with. Whatever your situation there will be somebody or something out there that would benefit from help.

Don’t forget, volunteering is something that rewards the volunteer as much as it benefits the cause. For some people volunteering can be therapeutic. It can help you engage more with the community and the people you live among. It can increase your circle of friends, help fight depression, get you out of the house and help increase your fitness levels. For others, volunteering can also act as a springboard for future paid employment. It can help you develop skills in areas you’ve never thought about before. It gives you something fresh to add to your CV which is great if you’ve been out of work for a while. You could also ask those you volunteer for to act as a referee if you ever needed one in the future.

Many organisations advertise their volunteering opportunities online. Here are a few that we’ve found but there will be others.

There are a huge variety of opportunities out there. Many of them are a revelation. If you though volunteering was all about spending a few hours each week working in a charity shop you couldn’t be further from the truth Having said that, those shops play a vital part in keeping charities alive so, if that sort of thing appeals, why not sign up today. If you’re looking for retail experience to add to your CV those roles are invaluable!


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